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VoiceID Training 360



Training 360 is a holistic approach to training, spanning the life-cycle of the system rather than limiting training only to the go-live phase.  The program is targeted at end users, supervisors and administrators of the system.


The program has been developed to address gaps in knowledge (see above graphic representation) when a system is introduced and implemented and aims to provide the tools and information to help with user acceptance, training (instructor-led and self-guided) and maintaining knowledge with on-demand learning systems.

We recognise that learning is different for everyone and VoiceID has developed a simulation tool to help the user learn at their own pace without the necessary stress of breaking the live system.  Additionally, there is no IT integration requirement.

VoiceID has also partnered with Staff Australia to pre-train users on the Vocollect Voice System so that new staff start with minimal site-specific training at your facility.

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Video Case Study - Staff Australia

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- An Executive Synopsis of VoiceID Training 360
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