Vocollect A700

A700 Vocollect’s latest Talkman Voice solution, offers improved voice recognition, easier set-up and installation, more user options and shorter configuration times. In addition the innovative new design includes a built-in scanning technology, providing a truly hands-free, eyes-free solution.

Vocollect has designed the new A700 solution with the future in mind. Current releases have the traditional connectors to plug in SR series cabled headsets and the Vocollect A730 variant of the A700 solution features a built-in short-range imager for easy, on-the-go scanning. The operator has the flexibility to activate the scanner via voice commands or by holding the product in front of the Talkman unit on their belt, and carry on with the rest of the task. There is no need to drop everything to grab a scanner, or to carry any extra equipment.

A700 solution features Vocollect’s TouchConnect technology, which not only allows devices to be paired quickly and effortlessly, but also allows configuration settings to be shared between units by simply touching the devices together. Set-up or expansion of the Voice system is rapid and effortless with the Vocollect A700.

Benefits of the Vocollect A700 Voice Solution:

Voice and operator controlled scanning solution in one unit, which allows users to be hands free and eyes free with scanning capabilities
Combining with the SRX2 wireless headset provides better speech recognition, by blocking unwanted environmental sounds
Reducing start-up times – Touch pairing of a worker’s Vocollect SRX2 wireless headset to the A700 solution
Added selection of Personal Voice options for a more user-friendly experience
Predictive battery analytics resolving battery lost time issues

By offering multiple A700 design options, VoiceID can support new and existing customers to implement an A700 solution.

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