Rapid ROI

You need your business solutions to deliver measurable value, quickly and cost-effectively. You need them to keep adding value – even as your business changes and grows.

VoiceID has the knowledge, tools, and methodologies to ensure rapid Return On Investment (ROI) and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Based on more than 20 years of experience working with successful companies around ANZ, we can help you achieve business value throughout the entire life cycle of your solution:


VoiceID will work with you to understand your current operation and business challenges. Based on your historical data and our findings, VoiceID will compile a solution overview for each workflow and provide estimated savings in Productivity, Accuracy and identify OH&S benefits with in your current operation.


After understanding the operation requirements, VoiceID will help you evaluate, plan, and deploy to achieve maximum value. We can build a Scope Of Works (SOW) for your approval. After an agreed SOW, We can then help you build a business case, develop project plans and initiate timely implementation schedules to gather measurable results and outcomes.

Project Support

By partnering with VoiceID, you will have the tools and services you need for an efficient and cost-effective operation. For example, VoiceID Trainer enables you to take full advantage of your solutions by training new and old staff members with latest revisions or a simple re-training of a workflow. We can also work with you to help reduce the risks and costs of operation through after sales services, remote maintenance, on-site assistance or VoiceID’s managed service offering.

Continuous Improvement

VoiceID empowers you to derive ongoing business benefits from your solutions. That begins with integrating best practice solutions with your existing technology. If you have unique needs, we can provide complimentary software solutions to achieve an outcome. At VoiceID we can clear your path to the future by helping you identify improvements in other areas within your business which can be improved by implementing Voice Directed Workflows.