Proof of Concept

How do you eliminate risk from the deployment of a new application or technology infrastructure change? VoiceID has the solution.

Simulate production environments that result in fact-based investment metrics
Expedite your project and reduce risk
Eliminate unnecessary CAPEX expenditure
Our specialists provide solutions by test plan development and execution

Our clients often approach us for expert advice to mitigate risks associated with these implementations.

For some, the approach to evaluate the operational benefits and scalability of a solution is to undertake a Proof Of Concept (POC). Often a small deployment emphasise the benefits of the solution, strengthening the business case.

What if you could simulate operational efficiencies and performance under multiple scenarios prior to the “Go Live” event, avoiding  the traditional commercial and technical challenges? This is where VoiceID can help.

The POC solution model is designed to expedite your project deliverables in partnership and most importantly reducing costs and risks.

Having investment into a dedicated and fully equipped hardware for proving a business case is an unjustifiable expense for many. However, access to VoiceID’s POC solution offers the ability to independently verify operational efficiencies and evaluate the ROI in your business case faster.

VoiceID’s POC solution allows you to demonstrate and measure the efficiency of new technology. Your project will have dedicated technical consultants from VoiceID, secure and private access to our resources. VoiceID’s Proof of Concept includes:

Definition of the project – a test plan created and agreed upon by all parties
Infrastructure setup – based on your requirements and ready to use
Technical checkpoints – including briefings and project reviews
Technical recommendations – based on results and data analysis
Detailed report – with comprehensive results

VoiceID’s Proof Of Concept solution puts your mind at rest by demonstrating the actual performance your solution can hope to achieve and helps to make sure it supports your expected workload.