ComActivity and VoiceID speak as one in ANZ
Thursday, May 1st, 2014

ComActivity Pty Ltd has announced a partnership with VoiceID (Voice Interface Design Pty Ltd) to deliver voice solutions for Australian and New Zealand Warehouses.

Headquartered in Melbourne, the experienced VoiceID team will work with ComActivity consultants to integrate the recognised accuracy and efficiency of voice solutions into the warehouse.

As Christer Sundstrom, senior partner at ComActivity comments, “We see it as a great strength to be able to partner with VoiceID. It’s not often that we see a technology which can deliver such dramatic improvements in the Warehouse. In particular, because of the open architecture of M3, we think the VoiceID solution will be of particular interest to the M3 user space, since integration is straightforward, and it will deliver a rapid return on investment. Simply put, voice-enabling a warehouse quicky drives up productivity and accuracy.”

Christer continues, “I am very positive about this partnership – there is a lot of synergy between ComActivity and Voice ID. We have similar business cultures, putting a focus on high quality, flexible solutions that can be delivered in a short time frame”

VoiceID’s solutions are based on technology from global leader Vocollect by Honeywell.  The VoiceID team, who has 20 years of experience implementing Vocollect technology, has also developed the VoiceID Connector software, which is specifically designed to integrate into Australian and New Zealand Warehouse solutions.

Nishan Wijemanne, Managing Director of VoiceID says “We are excited about this partnership. We think that ComActivity’s outstanding supply chain business expertise and our easy-to-integrate voice solution for Warehouses will result in an overall package that supply chain businesses will benefit from because of the ease and speed of implementation, and immediate productivity and accuracy benefits.”

About Voice Interface Design

Voice Interface Design is a company that designs and integrates solutions to enable workflow and process optimisation through the integration of voice recognition technology. This optimisation removes the requirement for manual processes. These solutions are proven to increase accuracy and productivity and provide unparalleled visibility of information for real time decisions and execution.
Our team brings over 25 years of industry experience within the supply chain industry encompassing Consultancy, Project Management and Implementation. The team behind Voice Interface Design has worked with many Tier 1 Enterprises and well-known brands across Australia and New Zealand. Voice Interface Design has the experiential knowledge and capability to understand supply chain, operational process and requirements to properly integrate voice-directed systems to help our customers’ requirements.