Multi Modal Solutions

Multimodal Solutions

Today’s DC teams are more mobile than ever – a trend that has created tremendous opportunity, but also a few challenges. That’s why Vocollect Voice is the performance choice for powering hands-free work for businesses with mobile employees – drawing from over 20 years’ experience of working with thousands of client organisations worldwide.

VoiceID leverages its extensive supply chain experience to always help our customers choose the right tool for the job. Vocollect Voice for Handhelds (VVH) is a great solution in environments where customers are looking to extend voice to operators who may not be full time voice users, or they have invested in an existing hardware platform which they would like to voice enable.

Vocollect Voice for Handhelds also offers the opportunity to extend Voice-Directed Work to other applications where voice adds value such as field service and maintenance type applications where workflow optimisation and OH&S are paramount.

Multi-Modal Solutions enable operations utilising screen displays to continue doing so for specific applications and adding voice enabled workflows for others – bringing efficiency into the task and enabling the right tool for that task. The flexibility of the VVH solution also gives you the option of having full-time voice-only users and voice-enabled handheld users operating seamlessly using a single host connection.

Unlike other voice vendors who claim to run on any device, Vocollect ensures that the user experience will not degrade based on device choice.
Vocollect’s mobile computing devices are part of our overall “engineered systems”, designed with a single purpose in mind – optimising business performance through the introduction of voice directed workflows.