Hardware Rental

VoiceID understands operating a business in any environment is challenging. Trying to determine where your business will be in one, two or even four years is a prediction based on an educated guess. Some clients want to have access to equipment to be used during seasonal demand periods.

With all of our rental solutions, VoiceID will not only the hardware/software requirements but also the device breakdown repair services.

VoiceID provide multiple rental solutions to fit different business needs of our customers.

Short Term Rental:

VoiceID can offer short-term rental options for hardware and software. Our aim is to provide options to overcome the unplanned requirements of our clients. This is a flexible solution with the option of increasing or decreasing the rental fleet as required.

Fixed Term Rental:

VoiceID can also offer a fixed term rental options. This is a tailored option for customers who have clear visibility of their requirements mid to long term.


With VoiceID’s “Rent To Own” option you can reduce your risks and build your business with the confidence of a flexible finance option, regardless of whether you are a start-up business or an already established business.

With rent to own you start with an initial agreement and have the flexibility to purchase the equipment prior to the agreed term concluding without any penalty chargers.

If after 6 months your requirements have changed, you can work with VoiceID and change your plan to align with your business requirements.

Our aim is to provide our clients with the most flexible and easy to implement solutions in the market that will enable them to adapt to this ever changing industry demands.