Field Service

Field Service

Clients with Field Service operations can benefit greatly from voice optimisation solutions that VoiceID is capable of delivering.

Traditionally this area has relied on portable mobile computers, some which are bulky and have various peripherals. With VoiceID being Vocollect’s Total Solutions Partner, we are able to offer the best in voice hardware solutions that are ergonomic and portable whilst still being rugged.

By using voice directed workflows with in field service environments our clients can enjoy the following advantages:

Occupational Health and Safety: By introducing VoiceID workflows we will implement a hands and eyes free operation ensuring the users are always focused on the task ahead without being distracted by instruction on a piece of paper or a bulky mobile device. This will not only help the user to complete the task in a timely manner but will increase OH&S aspect that may effect by using other technologies.

Data Entry: By introducing VoiceID workflows our clients will enjoy efficiency and productivity gains by eliminating time spent on data entry or completing service tickets, some of which that can be lengthy processes. Users will also benefit from error reduction potentially to 0% errors, as the users are not writing any info or inputting onto a table. They simply speak the commands, which automatically update the backend system.

Utilising Existing Hardware Platforms: VoiceID will help our clients maximise the existing investments in technology by utilising existing hardware to drive VoiceID workflows. VoiceID will need to test the compatibility of these solutions prior to finalising the solution design.

Together with VoiceID Connector we can further introduce flexibility and efficiency by automating logic that would normally require costly modifications in existing software applications.