Voice Enabled Workflows

The Next-Generation Distribution Centre, Today

A fundamental shift is underway as thought leaders review their existing distribution centre processes: Many now call the voice-enabled warehouse the next generation in distribution centre and warehouse material-handling management. In the voice-enabled warehouse, there are fewer alphanumeric keyboards, and scanning provides secondary worker enablement.
The business argument for voice-enabling technology is simple: Speech for the distribution centre worker quantitatively provides measurable business value.
The voice-enabled warehouse is not some technology of the indefinite future – it is a powerful reality today, with nearly one million Vocollect Voice users around the world who depend on Vocollect Voice to support their business process flow improvements and to provide an indomitable advantage over their competition, especially in the rapidly expanding ecommerce fulfilment area.
The benefits that businesses gain from Vocollect Voice Solutions span the entire warehouse / distribution centre – from the receiving doors all the way to the outbound shipping doors.

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