Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery

To protect your business and ensure that your users have ready access to your systems. you need to plan strategies for both high availability and recovery from hardware failure or natural disasters that could disable your operations.

Not too long ago, in order to determine and implement high availability and disaster recovery solutions, you had to first define your business objectives, then procure and deploy the hardware required to achieve those objectives.

In the current situation, investing significant amounts of money in preparations for emergency situations that may or may not arise is not feasible.

VoiceID will work with you to create a Disaster Recovery Plan tailored to your business requirements which we can mobilise during emergency situations. With this option our clients need only invest the minimum in terms of efforts and investment to keep a plan ready for emergency situations, VoiceID can provide the services, software and hardware on a month to month rental option.

At VoiceID we are passionate about our service levels but especially in times of need. With a comprehensive DR plan in place our team will get your site up and running in an efficient and timely manner.