Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions

As the price of storage and bandwidth continues to drop, Cloud Solutions are becoming more and more attractive to small and medium-sized businesses, most of which are seeking to reduce licensing costs, avoid recruiting IT staff and focus fully on their core responsibility – growing the business.

With a hybrid delivery model, VoiceID can help our clients achieve the best of both worlds without long-term commitments, unnecessary expenses and the inefficiencies of hosted and on-premise models.

With our innovative voice workflow integration tool –  ‘VoiceID Connector’ – provided as a hosted monthly subscription model, our clients can utilise the software and voice enable desired workflows.

Our clients can maximise their operations without over capitalising in software, licenses, hardware and long-term service contracts.

VoiceID can also help clients with off-premise application hosting in the VoiceID Cloud environment. With this, our clients can lower their upfront investment and work with VoiceID to build a solution that best fits their needs.

This is yet another way in which VoiceID is distinct from any other solution provider in the market. Our aim is to be flexible and help you maximise growth.