3 PL

We understand that when you are in the Third Party Logistics (3PL) business you need to think of multiple scenarios that may effect your day-to-day operation. When you are a 3PL service provider you need to be highly flexible with your offerings and at the same time use best of breed technology to increase customer satisfaction.

VoiceID have developed solutions that are configurable and easy to implement which will enable the 3PL companies to be more flexible and service their customers according to there seasonal needs.

Benefits of Working with VoiceID:

Configurable Solutions such as VoiceID Connector, which will help non voice enabled Warehouse Management Systems, Inventory Systems and ERP Systems to voice enable workflows. Cost effective and easy to deploy solution.

Implementing Voice Directed Solutions, not only onto Vocollect’s own hardware but also onto other hardware brands such as Honeywell, Intermec and Motorola. This allows the 3PL business to maximise initial investment made prior to taking over the client.

Provide the customer with data by understanding the operational requirements and providing data on forecasted Productivity, Accuracy, OS&H, Training and Labor Management improvements. This can be used for presentation to the customer as part of the business case.

Rental solutions to combat seasonal demand requirements. VoiceID can build a flexible solution for 3PL businesses so they will have access to turn-key solutions during busy periods. VoiceID can also assist in implementing solutions for short term contractual requirements.

Our experienced team are always willing to help our clients. We take a “Customer First” approach to help you get to your end goal by designing the best fitting solution in the shortest time and at the most competitive price.